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Behavior Expectations

Brier Elementary Playground Conduct:

1 Go directly out to the playground at recess unless special permission and a pass is given by your teacher to work/take part in another activity elsewhere.

2 Stay on the playground and within the fenced areas on the field. Permission and a pass is needed to leave the playground for any reason including using the bathrooms.

3. Walk to and from the playground. Carry playground equipment when in line and leaving the playground. Line up promptly in areas as directed when bells ring. Teachers will establish procedures for returning to their classrooms.

4. Be polite and follow all directions of playground teachers. Use appropriate language at all times.

5. Show respect for others: take turns, play fair, discuss differences calmly, encourage less experienced players.

6. All games are open to everyone willing to play the game and obey the rules. Follow rules of the games and the safety procedures for playground apparatus.

7. All rocks, sticks, snowballs, or similar objects are to be left on the ground.

8. No toys belong at school. No electronics or trading cards are allowed.

Rainy Day Recess:

GOAL: Students will engage in quiet, cooperative activities in an atmosphere of respect, responsibility, and safety.



1. Will remain in their classroom

2. Will walk in the classroom

3. Will wait inside the classroom door for an assistant to obtain pass before leaving class.

CONSEQUENCES (Rainy Day Recess):

1. Verbal Correction

2. Removal from the classroom to the hall

3. Removal to the office

Arrival and Departure:

GOAL: Students will arrive and leave school in a safe and respectful manner. They

will exhibit responsible behavior. Staff and parents will assist in the safety of the

students as well as timely arrival and departure.



1. Will walk all students to bus lines

2. Will remain until all buses have loaded children and assist in maintaining appropriate behavior of students

3. Will help students find their bus if necessary.

4. Will dismiss students at 3:50 p.m. Kindergarten will dismiss at 3:45. Intensive Support program will dismiss at scheduled times.


1. Will use sidewalks or designated walk area when picking up or dropping off students.

2. Will accompany their child to a safe walkway if dropping off or picking up a child at


3. Will follow traffic flow procedures.

4. Will review safe behavior with their children.

5. Will use the drive through or parking lot accordingly.

6. Will transport their child no earlier than 9:10 for school arrival and 3:50 for departure.


1. Will walk their bicycles on school grounds or designated areas in grades 3-6.

2. Will walk on sidewalks or designated areas.

3. Will be responsible while waiting.

Lunchroom Behavior;

GOALS: Students will eat their lunches and socialize with others showing good manners and respectful behaviors.



Will escort students to the lunchroom and assist them in lining up in the “hot lunch” line or finding their class table.


1. Will enter the cafeteria quietly, get their lunch, and find their class table.

2. Will remain seated until their lunch is finished and they have permission to line up for recess.

3. Will use appropriate voices so that only close neighbors can hear.

4. Will clean their area and take care of their garbage when they are finished eating.

5. Will not be wasteful with food.

Restroom Conduct:

GOAL: Students will use the restroom in a timely, respectful manner and always with a pass.



1. Will follow their own classroom policies concerning restroom use

2. Will act appropriately and go about their business in a timely manner. Be quick, quiet and clean.

3. Will follow good health practices by washing hands.

4. Will report to their teacher any problems with supplies or restroom cleanliness.

5. Will use a pass provided by the playground assistants during recess.


1. Verbal warning.

2. Restroom clean up of problems they have caused, with custodian supervision.

3. Monitored use of restroom.

Halls and Walkways - Inside and Out:

GOALS: The halls and walkways will be a safe environment where people interact responsibly and respectfully.



Will accompany all large groups and classrooms of students to and from destinations.

Will enforce all expectations for all students.


1. Will walk in a quiet, calm and respectful manner.

2. Will walk to one side of the hallways so that others may pass easily.

3. Will yield to other classes when necessary.

4. Will wait quietly in designated area before school each morning.

5. Will have permission to be in the halls and walkways and use passes from staff.


1. Verbal correction

2. Redirection - i.e., have the student go back and walk

3. Referral to the classroom teacher

4. Referral to the Solution Room for repeated behaviors


GOALS: For students to be standing in an orderly and safe fashion until seated on the bus

If riding the bus, students will stay seated until bus comes to a complete stop



1. Will adhere to dismissal time for bus policy to work

2. Dismissal time is 3:50 p.m., kindergarten at 3:45, Intensive Support at designated times

3. Will walk students outside to bus

4. Will be present when on bus duty or make arrangements if unable to be on duty


1. Will report to their bus only.

2. Will not save spaces or cut in line.

3. Bus lines are to form a safe distance back from the bus door.

4. Any student who must leave the line will reenter at the end of the line.

5. Will keep hands and feet to self.

6. Will wait until the bus has come to a complete stop, the door has been opened and the bus driver has given permission for students to begin loading.

7. Any student who misses the bus must report to the office.

8. Students who create problems while waiting for the bus or on the bus may lose bus privileges at the discretion of the principal.

9. Students who miss the bus and need to use the phone to call home must ask a staff member for permission first. They need to use the phone on the counter in the office.

10. Students will exhibit respect and follow the directions of the student patrols when walking.

CONSEQUENCES:(Follow Brier Elementary Discipline Policy)

1. Verbal Correction

2. Have student review and restate the expectation.

3. Send to end of line

4. Solution Room referral for repeated behaviors

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