Disciplinary Procedures

Brier Elementary Behavior Plan Foundation

Our behavior plan is based on the belief that behavior needs to be taught, modeled and reinforced. It is also based on knowing that everyone makes mistakes and poor choices and that this misbehavior is an opportunity to learn. We use our Brier Pride as a guideline for expected behavior and have the expectation that all adults are teaching every child about BRE Pride behavior: Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Respectful and Be Responsible. We explicitly teach and model the expected behavior and we use this language to support students in thinking about their own behavior in order to help them make safe, kind, respectful and responsible choices that support their learning. Here are some examples of BRE Pride behavior:

Be Safe

  • An adult always knows where you are at all times
  • Walk in the designated areas
  • Follow school expectations on the playground, walkways, classroom, bus & you get it!
  • Be safe with your words and actions (i.e. keep hands to self, encouraging language)

Be Kind

  • Say kind, encouraging words
  • Help others
  • Tell the truth- even when you make a mistake
  • Include others: invite them to play, take turns, share

Be Respectful

  • Take care of materials/belongings: yours, others, and the schools
  • Think about how your actions and words affect others
  • Keep distractions from interrupting your and other's learning (i.e. walk quietly in hallways, keep toys and other distractions out of the classroom.)
  • Take care of the school (i.e. throw garbage away in appropriate container, clean up messes)

Be Responsible

  • Actively participate in your learning
  • Ask questions, listen to others share their thinking- engage and enjoy learning
  • Work cooperatively with others
  • Persevere- work hard even when it is hard. You can do it!
  • Be a role model

Parents/Guardians are viewed as partners. By working together and using the same language, we can help students learn to be kind, contributing citizens; take responsibility for their actions; and learn to problem solve. Whenever possible, parents/guardians and school staff will work together to develop an action plan to support a student who is struggling with behavior as well as a viable communication plan. It is important for school and home to be on the same page in order to help address the root of the behavior and develop an appropriate plan to see behavior following our BRE expectations. Our commitment is to work with each child and family to turn behavior into learning. If behavior becomes excessive or recurrent, consequences for the behavior will be progressive. This can range from at-school consequences to parent phone calls, conferences, in-school suspension or out of school suspension. If behavior escalates to violence, it will be dealt with immediately and specifically based on the context of the situation. We are committed to working with each child and their family in order to support safe, kind, respectful and responsible learning behavior for every student.

Last Modified on August 26, 2015

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