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Family Handbook

Family Handbook

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Dear Families,

Welcome to Brier Elementary School– a place where children learn! We are proud of our reputation as a learning community with a strong tradition of academic excellence.

This Family Handbook was developed by the Brier Site Council. We hope that this resource is valuable for students and their families. As part of our communication link between Brier Elementary School and your home, this handbook is designed to provide you with a basic overview of our philosophy, policies, and procedures. We hope you use this important resource throughout the school year.

This handbook was developed with parents/guardians as the primary audience. If you have suggestions for improving this handbook, I welcome your suggestions. Please contact me by phone at (425) 431-7855, or by email at stewartj@edmonds.wednet.edu. For the Family Handbook on-line, as well as other information, please visit us at http://staff.edmonds.wednet.edu/brier.

Thank you for taking the time to review this handbook with your child. Welcome to Brier Elementary School! We're looking forward to an incredible year!


Johnna Steward, Principal

Brier Spirit!

The Brier Bobcat Spirit Song

We're the Brier Bobcats

And we have lots of fun

We're standing tall to heed the call

Of caring, respect for everyone, BRIER!

Yes we have lots of friends here

As you can plainly see,

Cuz' we're the Brier Bobcats

And proud of that are we!


Our Mission Statement

The Brier Elementary School family will promote learning experiences which will provide students with a foundation for the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes fundamental to achieving individual satisfaction needed for a happy, fulfilling life. Students will become responsible, contributing citizens in a rapidly changing and increasingly interdependent world.

Traditions and Celebrations

Meet Your Teacher Day:  Is scheduled the day before first day of school starts. Students and families are invited to meet their new teacher, see their new classroom, meet new classmates, and bring their school supplies.

PTA Welcome Coffee: Parents are invited to join in the library on the first day of school for coffee.

Curriculum Night: To help provide a "back to school night" for families in the fall.

Open House: Usually held in the Spring, this is an opportunity for the entire family to see student work and to celebrate the wonderful learning that occurs at Brier.

Spirit Days: The school community dresses up in Brier Bobcat clothes, or some other designated theme, to show school spirit.

Appreciation Days: Throughout the school year, we celebrate different staff members at the school, as well as school volunteers.

Field Day: All students participate in field games on this special day.

6th Grade Graduation: An evening event in June celebrating the culmination of students' elementary careers.

Awards Ceremony: On the last day of school, we recognize students for their various accomplishments throughout the year.

Teaching and Learning

Curriculum • Specialist Programs • Co-Curricular Activities • Student jobs Program • Student Services


We teach a rigorous curriculum based on Washington State and Edmonds School District curriculum standards. We know that engaging learners is critical to maximizing learning, so we make learning relevant and exciting for students. Below is an overview of the core content, foundation skills, and lifelong learning skills that are taught and assessed at Brier.

Literacy: Students need to be competent in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Competency in these four areas enables students to gather information, think critically, and communicate. Skills in the areas of literacy are closely related and classroom instruction is often integrated.

  • Reading: Instruction is targeted to develop word knowledge, reading strategies, and understand the meaning of what is read.

  • Writing: Students are taught to use effective content, organization, style and standard conventions in their writing. Brier Elementary faculty members are trained in the Six Traits approach to writing as developed by the Northwest Regional Education laboratory.

  • Communication: Listening instruction is targeted on listening skills and observations to gain understanding. Speaking instruction helps students to be clear and effective in oral communication.

Mathematics: Mathematical literacy is the ability to apply one's understanding of math concepts to solve problems, reason analytically, and interpret and communicate quantitative information. Students receive instruction targeting the five content standards of number sense & computation, measurement, geometric sense, probability & statistics, and algebraic sense (patterns & functions). In addition, we also assess and report progress on problem solving and mathematical communication. Math Expressions and CMP2 are used within the Edmonds School District.

Social Studies: Through integrated units of study, students will build knowledge and skills in history, geography, economics and civics with the goal of developing responsible citizenship. Teachers will assess and report progress in two areas: understanding the concepts and principles of social studies, and applying the skills and processes of social studies.

Science: At Brier, classroom teachers use hands-on science kits. By planning and conducting experiments, students build their understanding of science. Topics of study include life, earth and physical sciences. Students are taught to demonstrate an understanding of scientific concepts and principles, as well as planning and conducting controlled experiments using variables and communicating results.

Health/P.E.: Students establish the concepts and skills necessary for safe and healthy living by promoting active life-styles, personal development, and healthy choices and behaviors. In health instruction, students are taught to demonstrate an understanding of the knowledge, skills and practices that promote healthy living. In physical education, students are taught to demonstrate the knowledge and skills of physical fitness and movement, including safety, participation, and sportsmanship skills.

Art/Music: Students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to create, perform, and respond effectively to art and music. Classroom teachers help students learn to demonstrate an understanding of art knowledge, skills and processes. Our music specialists teach students to demonstrate music skills, techniques and understand music concepts. Please see "Specialist Programs" for additional information about our general music program, as well as band, orchestra and choir.

Lifelong Learning Skills: As students create quality work and strive for excellence, they use a variety of personal, social and emotional skills to enhance learning. These skills are important in predicting your child's future success.

  • Respect: Students are taught to show self-respect, demonstrate empathy and kindness toward others, appreciate diversity, follow classroom and school rules, take care of the classroom and school environment.

  • Responsibility: Students are taught to exhibit self-control and self-management, handle frustration appropriately, and demonstrate good citizenship.

  • Reflection/Self-Awareness: Students are taught to show awareness of own thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs and express them appropriately. Students also learn to reflect on and evaluate learning and behavior for the purpose of improvement and setting goals.

  • Cooperation: Students are taught to listen actively to others, contribute to the group effort, share materials and responsibilities, and help others.

  • Problem Solving/Decision Making: Students are taught to resolve problems in a way that shows consideration for various points of view, disagree thoughtfully, and generate alternatives to personal and interpersonal problems.

  • Independent Work Habits: Students are taught to plan and organize time and materials, locate information and materials to complete tasks, follow directions, finish projects and assignments on time, and persist when challenged.

Technology:Brier has a variety of technology tools, laptop computers workstations in classrooms, a wide range of peripherals, and a school-wide wireless network. This technology has been made possible through the work of our PTA, as well as staff receiving various grants.

Homework: Brier has a homework policy that provides consistency for students and families. When working at home on schoolwork, students may be: finishing assignments that were not completed during class time, continuing a long term project, practicing skills, studying for a test, reading for enjoyment, preparing a book report or engaging in problem solving. At the fall Curriculum Night and through on-going classroom newsletters, your child's teacher will provide you with specific information about homework.

Assessments: Student assessment is used to inform instruction. Assessments vary by grade and by teacher, but in general, students will experience standardized tests and classroom-based evidence. Standardized tests are administered according to federal, state and Edmonds School District guidelines. These tests give information about a student's progress toward state standards, as well as how their achievement compares to peers throughout the country. Classroom-based assessments give information about how well students are reaching specific curricular goals in the classroom. If you have questions about assessments, we encourage you to ask your child's teacher for additional information.

Student Placement: The Brier Elementary staff begins the process of placing students into classrooms for the next school year each spring. Each parent is asked to fill out and return a Student Information Form for each child in the family. This form indicates a) whether or not s/he is returning to Brier for the next school year and b) gives parents the chance to provide us with information that may be helpful when placing their student. Classroom assignments for the next school year are decided by a team of staff members which includes each child's current teacher and other staff members who regularly work with that student.

This placement task is an important process that requires a great deal of thought and consideration. Careful consideration is given to each child's academic, social and learning needs, as well as the balance needed for a good overall class learning environment. Parent input helps us know about any special needs or new information and is an important part of this process. New classroom assignments are posted during our Meet the Teacher Event in late August. However, it is important to note that placement is still tentative until after the 4th day of school in order to accommodate unplanned changes in staffing, new student enrollment, and a variety of other factors.

Specialist Programs

Library:The library has a collection of 8,000 books including picture books, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, and reference. Each class is scheduled to come to the library once a week for a 30 minute session. Sessions are held on the same day and time of each week. These classes are devoted to teaching students to learn how to become effective users of ideas and information. Many activities are extensions of classroom work and curriculum. Students also have time to check out books during library class. Books are checked out to students (grades 1-6) for one week. Students may renew books if they need them for another week. All books are due 2 weeks prior to the end of the school year. The number of books a child can check out is determined by their grade and level of responsibility. Students with overdue books are not allowed to check out books until they are returned. Students must pay for the replacement of any lost or damaged books. The library is always in need of help. If you would like to help during your child’s library class or at other times throughout the day, please contact the library.

Success Oriented Physical Education:Brier students have PE class twice a week for 30 minutes (alternating day kindergarten once a week). Students are exposed to a variety of activities ranging from bowling to back handsprings! Creating a non-threatening environment where students feel safe and comfortable when trying new activities is what success oriented PE is all about.

General Music: All students at Brier receive general music instruction for 30 minutes twice a week (half-time kindergarten once a week). Music classes focus of skills and concepts. The curriculum follows the Edmonds School District Arts and Music Frameworks. Students have instruction on a variety of instruments, including Orff instruments, non-pitched percussion, keyboards, recorders, and guitar. Classroom performances are scheduled throughout the year.

Band:Band is offered at the beginning (grade 5) and advanced level (grade 6) at Brier. Classes for brass, woodwind, and reed instruments meet two times a week, with additional sectional classes scheduled regularly. There are concerts three to four times per year. Concerts include the annual SouthEast Quadrant concert (combining elementary, middle and high school bands). A wide variety of music is learned including classical, pop and jazz tunes. Band at Brier is a wonderful tradition with lots of great musical experiences. There is no charge for this instruction; however, families are expected to rent or purchase the instrument used. See the instructor regarding scholarships and borrowing instruments.

Orchestra:Orchestra is offered at the beginning (grade 5) and advanced level (grade 6) at Brier. Classes for violin, viola, cello and bass meet two times a week with concerts three to four times per year. Concerts include the annual SouthEast Quadrant concert (combining elementary, middle and high school orchestras). A wide variety of music is learned from classical, pop and fiddle tunes. Orchestra at Brier is a wonderful tradition with lots of great musical experiences. There is no charge for this instruction; however, families are expected to rent or purchase the instrument used. See the instructor regarding scholarships and borrowing instruments. ​

Co-Curricular Programs

At Brier Elementary School, we are always looking for opportunities to expand student learning. Co-curricular programs help students extend classroom learning, explore new interests, and enjoy a well-rounded school experience. Most co-curricular programs are open to interested students who can follow through on the commitments necessary to be responsible participant. We continue to look for opportunities to strengthen the co-curricular program at Brier.

Assemblies: We schedule assemblies on the average of one per month. Groups outside of our school provide special assemblies; here the purpose is academic enrichment. Parents are always welcome to attend our assemblies. Just check our monthly calendar for date and time

Cantare:Students have the opportunity to participate in chorus at Brier. Second and third grade students sing in Primary Singers and 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students are members of Cantare. Both groups meet once a week and perform intermittently throughout the year at assemblies, and in the community. Honors Choir is available by invitation.

Beyond the Bells: Brier’s academic enrichment program is a tuition-based program for extended the school day before and after school. It provides a relaxed and trusting environment where children can pursue interests and develop friendships with the support of a caring and respectful staff. It is the place where children are provided with a variety of developmentally appropriate activities that include expressive arts, crafts, dramatic play, cooking, science, games, outdoor play and reading. Time within the daily schedule and a quiet space are provided for children needing to complete homework assignments. The staff strives to meet the individual needs of the children by engaging them in planning and problem solving. The schedule is flexible, enabling children to choose activities according to their needs and interests. The program operates Monday through Friday from 6:15 am to 6:15 pm. Extended hours are available on site on early release days. All-day care is available at selected sites on winter/spring breaks and non-school days.

Field Trips:It is important to have student connect their learning to real-world situations. Field trips are an effective strategy to reach this academic goal. In order to make these enhanced learning experiences possible, we request that parents try to make themselves available to volunteer on field trips. By simply filling out a few forms, parents can be authorized to transport students on field trips. These forms must be turned in to the school two weeks prior to the filed trip for processing. Please work closely with your child's classroom teacher to help facilitate these powerful learning experiences.

Student Council: Our Student Government consists of class representatives from grades 4-6, and meets regularly throughout the year to provide leadership to the student body.

Many more… There are new and exciting co-curricular programs being developed on a regular basis. Often, programs are initiated by volunteer interest. If you have an interest that you would like to share with children, please contact the school office.

Student Jobs Program

At Brier Elementary School, students have multiple opportunities to get real-life work experience throughout the school. These jobs help students learn important skills, such as problem solving, communication, collaboration, using information, and self-management. As they develop individual responsibility, they learn the basics of the work world, including applications, interviews, performance reviews, and compensation. Student jobs are often competitive– not all interested students will be accepted. Because student workers require additional supervision, we welcome parent volunteers to help children perform these tasks.

Flag Guards: Students are responsible for raising the Stars and Stripes, the Washington State flag, and the Brier Bobcat Pride flag. They must learn and practice all related flag protocol.

Library Helpers: Students help restock books on the library shelves and help with other library-related tasks.

Morning Announcers: Students help lead the school in the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as reading announcements, playing a short musical selection, and other announcements.

Office Helpers: Students help answer phones, make photocopies, deliver mail, and perform other office-related functions.

Safety Patrol: Trained patrol members are responsible for helping students walk safely to and from school.

Many more… There are new and exciting student jobs being developed on a regular basis. Stay tuned for more of these valuable learning experiences.

Student Services and Special Education

Not all students learn the same way, or at the same pace. However, all students are required by Washington State to learn the Essential Academic Learning Requirements. To help every student reach these rigorous standards, we provide a full spectrum of student services. Special Education services are provided to all students aged birth to 21 who qualify. For students currently enrolled in the district, contact our school psychologist at (425) 431-2117. For students not currently enrolled in Edmonds School District, please call the District Psychology Office at (425) 431-7208.

Child Study Team (CST):The CST process is used to help determine whether a student may qualify for special education services, as well as determine what services might best meet the child's needs.

Learning support:Learning support is available to students in all grades who are on Individual Education Plans (IEPs).

School Psychologist:Students who may qualify for Special Education services may work with our school psychologist for academic and cognitive assessments, as well as referral services for outside counseling.

Speech/Language Pathologist:Students who need help with communication skills may work with our school's Speech/Language Pathologist.

Transition Room:For students whose needs are not best met by participating in a typical classroom, our school is fortunate enough to offer the transition room program. Two classes, one for primary students and one for intermediate students, have extra adults to help modify the educational program to meet the specific requirements of our special needs students. We try to include transition room students with "buddy classrooms" when appropriate.

Other School Information

Parent involvement • Communication • Transportation • Attendance • Health & Safety • Food Service • Enrollment • Discipline • Dress Code • Cell phone/Electronics • Student Supplies • Community Resources • And More…

Parent Involvement

Visiting and Volunteering:We encourage parents to visit and volunteer at Brier. Parent participation is one of the factors that makes Brier such an excellent school! School volunteers and prearranged visitors are always welcome. For safety reasons, all visitors must check into the office upon arriving at school, sign our "guest book", and wear a visitor badge while on campus. Please do not be surprised if a staff member asks you to sign in and obtain a badge. Please remember to sign out when leaving our school. If you are interested in volunteering please contact our office at 425-431-7854

Classroom Visits:Brier nurtures an open door policy between parents and the school. If you are interested in casual conversation with your child during the school day, we invite you to join your child during recess and lunch. We ask that visitations to the classroom be focused on supporting the learning environment. If you would like to visit the classroom, arrangements need to be made through the classroom teacher 24 hours in advance.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA):The Brier Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a parent group that supports many aspects of our school. We encourage you to become an active member and help your child's school thrive. Meetings are usually held the third Thursday of each month. The dates, time, and place are announced in the newsletter. Anyone is welcome to attend to offer suggestions, raise questions, and participate in planning and organizing various events. PTA also recruits and organizes volunteers for the many needs of our students and school. Parents are urged to consider giving of their time and talents. We would really appreciate it!

Site Advisory Council: The Brier Site Advisory Council helps the leadership of the school enhance connections between families and the school. This committee of staff members, parents and a community representative meet once a month on the second Wednesday from 8:00-8:55am. The main task of the Site Advisory Council (SAC) is to bring various points of view to a particular discussion and then make recommendations to the staff and/or principal. Input will be sought from parents, community, and staff members as a part of the process. Your comments or questions are encouraged. For your information, the meetings are open to the Brier Elementary community, but the discussion is limited to council members.

Site council email: briersitecouncil@hotmail.com

Site council voicemail: 425-431-7859 (press 6)

Please see the Annual Update for current officers and contact information.


Communication is an important part of our school system. We want families to be informed and aware of what is happening at Brier, and we want to hear from families about how we can improve teaching and learning! Below are some of the major forms of communication to families:

The Brier Bulletin:This monthly newsletter informs parents about school-related activities, awards and special parenting and educational tips. This also includes a letter from the school Principal. You can automatically receive the Brier Bulletin by e-mail! Simply register at http://staff.edmonds.wednet.edu/brier.

Class Newsletters:Your child's teacher will also be sending home regular class newsletters sharing information about events and learning activities. This is the best resource for finding out classroom-specific information.

PTA and Site Advisory Council Newsletters:These updates from The Parent Staff Organization (PTA) and the Brier Site Advisory Council (SAC) keep parents informed of other school activities, fund-raisers, special family activities, and parent involvement in committee work.

Web Sites: The Brier Elementary School Web Site (http://staff.edmonds.wednet.edu/brier) and the Edmonds School District Web Site (www.edmondsschools.org) and the Brier Elementary PTA website (http://www.brierelementarypta.org) have valuable information for families.

Conferences: Parent-teacher-student conferences are scheduled once each academic year to provide an opportunity to discuss your child's progress. Students will be dismissed early on conference days. Lunch is served at school prior to dismissal. At these conferences, participants are encouraged to share any suggestions or problems they might have regarding the student's school experience. We encourage all parents to attend these conferences. We feel that a concerned and involved parent is the greatest asset a student can have in his/her academic, social, and emotional growth. A parent may also schedule a conference with a teacher at any time during the school year to discuss a particular concern. Please contact your child's teacher for an appointment.

ReportCards: Parents are given an interpreted report on their child's academic progress three times during the school year, at the end of each trimester. (Kindergarten students receive two report cards per year.) Report cards indicate a student's academic progress as measured against state standards. Areas for reporting include academic areas, as well as life-long learning skills.

Student Records:Students' permanent records are kept in the office. These records consist of all official school documents, including report cards, formal discipline notices, individual education plans, etc. Upon request, student records are available in an orderly and timely manner to students and parents.

SchoolTelephone:We limit pupil use of the phone for emergency cases only. Please make arrangements for Scouts, Camp Fire, musical instruments, visiting friends after school, etc. before school. The school telephone number is (425) 431-7854 (options: 1 = attendance; 9=office).

Communicating with the school

Communication is essential for successful relationships and organization success. Questions and feedback are important in the continuous improvement process. Suggestions for improvement, as well as compliments, are always welcome. As we model conversations in a respectful manner, we help students learn how to communicate successfully. We suggest the following guidelines:

  • We always recommend contacting the staff member directly responsible for a particular issue. Share your concern, the facts or views you have. Be as clear as possible about what information you need or what you would like to have happen.

  • If the issue relates to school-wide issues, the school Principal may be the best person to contact. This step is also helpful if your concerns were not answered in Step 1.

  • If the issue relates more to District-wide issues, the Edmonds School District Educational Services Center (425-431-7000) may be the best place to call. The operator can direct your call. This step is also helpful if your concerns were not answered in steps 1 and 2.

* If your issue may be related to the Brier Parent Teacher Association or the Brier Site Advisory Council, please feel free to contact them directly.

School Transportation

Buses: Bus transportation is provided to qualifying students free of charge. Edmonds School District transportation department notifies families about bus route and timing information before the start of the school year. Student conduct shall be maintained on district school buses in order to provide for safe and efficient transport of students. Bus drivers shall have the responsibility and authority to maintain discipline on the school buses and to recommend to the appropriate building principal when necessary, that disciplinary action be taken. Student misconduct on a school bus may, depending upon seriousness and/or frequency, be sufficient cause to discontinue provision of transportation to a student. Parents of a student who damages a school bus will be responsible for restitution to the school district. When a student (at parent request) is to go home with another student, they must have a note written to the office from the parent. The school office will give a pass which is required by the bus driver.

Bicycles and scooters, skateboards:Students may ride their bicycles to school if they are in grades 3-6 and obtain a bicycle permission slip. Bicycles must be safe. Safety rules apply while riding them to school. Students must wear a bike helmet. The bicycle must be walked on school property and always kept locked when in the bike rack.

Walkers:Many students at Brier walk to and from school. This is encouraged, not only because it is healthy exercise for students, but also because of parking and traffic congestion problems.

Safety Patrol: Intermediate-age students are trained to help with safety patrol. Safety Patrol helps students by safely directing automobile traffic while students are using crosswalks. Safety patrol is on duty for the 20 minutes before and after school.

Cars: Traffic is congested at Brier before and after school. In addition, parking is limited. In order to help traffic and parking flow as smoothly as possible, parents are asked to follow all signage and safety patrol directions. Please do not use the circular drive to drop off students, as this must remain clear to accommodate our many buses during the day.

Health and Safety

Health room:Edmonds School District currently maintains its own staff of fully trained health education specialists. Our health education specialist is at Brier one day a week. Trained office staff are available throughout the day to care for students who are ill or have incurred minor injuries. Please let us know about any health concerns or preexisting conditions that might affect your child's schoolwork.

Accidents:If a child is injured at school, a trained staff member will provide emergency first aid treatment. If the injury requires additional care, parents will be called immediately. If they are not home, the person listed on the Student Information Form or Brier Emergency Contact Form will be called. If no one is available to come for the student, we will use our best judgment in calling a doctor, 911, or keeping the child in the school health room.

Immunizations:The State requirements must be strictly satisfied. Requirements change regularly. Please see the school for details. The Edmonds School District immunization form is the only form accepted to verify immunizations. Please check this form for more detailed information.

Medications at school: If at all possible, parents are asked to adjust the timing of their child's medication so it can be taken outside of school hours. Medication can be given at school only with specific written directions from the doctor and with a signed request from either the parent or guardian and the physician. Medications should not be sent to school without these written directions and a written request. If parents are taking an ill child to the doctor, we suggest they stop by school and pick up a medication form to take with them in the event medication is prescribed.

Insurance:Student accident insurance can be purchased. If you are interested in this voluntary program, please complete the enrollment forms sent home with your child at the beginning of the school year, and send them to the school office for processing. (This plan is not a comprehensive health plan although the insurer does offer one if you are interested.) Claims may be made through the school office.

Emergency Procedures

Emergency preparedness: Brier has developed an emergency preparedness plan to cover such situations as earthquakes, fires, bomb threats, and lockdowns. These routines are practiced regularly to ensure that staff and students are familiar with these procedures. We work closely with local safety agencies to ensure that we are a well-prepared school. Every student must have a survival kit for emergency purposes. Classroom teachers send survival kit information at the beginning of each school year.

This is a simple overview of emergency procedures at Brier Elementary School. In any emergency, there are five major stages: recognize signal, create security, take attendance, maintain calmly, dismiss from emergency. Although these steps are always the same in any emergency, there are slight variations depending on the nature of the emergency. In case of an emergency, follow these guidelines and the directions of a staff member.







Fire alarm

Rejoin class and calmly evacuate.

Ensure that the school accounts for your presence.

Wait calmly and follow directions.

Follow directions for dismissal.


Shaking of earth

Drop and cover. Wait until shaking stops for 60 seconds. Rejoin class and calmly evacuate.

Ensure that the school accounts for your presence.

Wait calmly and follow directions.

Follow directions for dismissal.


"We are implementing a lockdown immediately"

Immediately enter closest room with a staff member.

Ensure that the school accounts for your presence.

Wait calmly and follow directions.

Follow directions for dismissal.

Food Service

Breakfast: School breakfast is served daily between 8:50 and 9:15 a.m. Breakfast frequently consists of milk, juice, and rolls or cereal.

Lunch: Students are served a choice of hot lunches and a salad bar in the multipurpose gym. Adults are always welcome to have lunch at school. We support good nutrition. Soda pop is not allowed during lunch. Please send nutritious meals.

Paying for Meals: Parents may pre-pay for meals with any amount they wish. Go to mylunchmoney.com and prepay for meals with your credit or debit card. Just follow the online instructions. Questions? Call 425-431-7080.You may also write a check.Lunches can be purchased (daily, weekly, monthly). Make your checks payable to the Edmonds School District and note your child(ren)'s name(s) pin number and room number(s) on the check. The school cook keeps track of this information and students will be notified as accounts reach a zero balance. If a student forgets lunch money, they can do an IOU and will receive a lunch. Please see the Annual Update for current meal prices.

Free and Reduced Meals:Application forms for free and reduced breakfast and lunch will be mailed to each household every summer before school starts. Applications are also available in the office throughout the school year. If your family situation changes, an application may be submitted.

Lunchroom Procedures:In order to create a comfortable and polite lunchtime experience, we ask that students follow our lunchroom procedures. Please review table manners with your child to support the school's expectations.

Table Manners ("restaurant manners")

  • Remain seated, facing table, with feet on floor

  • Polite, respectful behavior toward classmates, servers, cook and supervisors

  • Follow directions of adults

  • Eat carefully– avoid unnecessary messes

  • Use polite eating behavior: keep mouth closed when chewing or talking, keep conversations polite, etc.

  • Keep hands to self- never touch another person's food, tray, or body

  • Singing, clapping, cheering, pounding on tables, etc. are not appropriate.

  • Excellent lunchroom behavior and manners will be rewarded (ideas include music, choice seating, ice cream sales, etc.)

Student Supplies

Please see the annual update for a current list of supplies
that students will need for various grades.

Identification: Parents are requested to mark clearly all backpacks, lunch boxes and articles of clothing children might leave at school. We always have on hand many unclaimed articles which could have been returned if properly marked. It is suggested that students who ride the bus include the letters "BR" after their names. This will help bus drivers return forgotten articles to the right school.

Valuable Items:Please do not allow your children to bring items of monetary value to school. We discourage students from bringing personal items (toys, sports equipment, etc.) to school. All electronics (CD’s, radios, cell phones and pagers) are to be kept at home. Brier Elementary assumes no liability for damaged, lost or stolen items (including money) that are left in classrooms, stored in lockers or in the student's possession. Please label all other belongings (lunch boxes, items of removable clothing, etc.) We also encourage students not to bring large amounts of money to school.

Lost and Found: Clothing and other items are frequently found on the school grounds and are displayed in the entrance to the multipurpose room. The school cannot be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, students' personal items. Students are encouraged to turn in all lost items found on the school grounds. If money is not claimed, it will be returned to the finder in recognition of his/her honesty. All unclaimed lost and found clothes are donated to Clothes For Kids.

CLOTHES FOR KIDS: All students who are on the free and reduced lunch program are entitled to receive clothing through Clothes for Kids. If you wish to participate in this program or donate children's clothing, please call 431-7285 or 431-7383 for specific information.

School Schedules

Regular Daily Schedule

8:30 am School office open

8:50 am Teacher contracted day begins

8:50 am Breakfast served

9:10 am Buses arrive

9:15 am Students may enter building

9:15 am 5 minute warning bell

9:20 am Tardy bell rings- Instruction begins

12:15-12:45 pm Primary Lunch

12:45-1:10 pm Primary Recess

12:40-1:10 pm Intermediate Lunch

1:10-1:35 pm Intermediate Recess

2:15-2:30 pm Primary Recess

2:30-2:45 pm Intermediate Recess

3:50 pm School day ends

4:20 pm Teachers contracted day ends

4:30 pm School office closed

Early Dismissal School Schedule

District early dismissals will be scheduled throughout the year for teacher professional development workshops and collegian planning opportunities. Students are dismissed at 12:10PM on early dismissal days. Lunch is served before students are dismissed.

8:30 am School office open

8:50 am Teacher contracted day begins

8:50 am Breakfast served

9:10 am Buses arrive

9:10 am Students may enter building

9:15 am 5 minute warning bell

9:20 am Tardy bell rings- Instruction begins

Student lunch will be served one hour earlier than regular schedule. (Refer to previous page – see Regular Daily Schedule)

12:20 pm Student dismissal

12:20 - 4:20 pm Staff meetings, workshops, training, planning (on and off site)

4:30 pm School office closes

School closure and delays: There may be times throughout the year when school must be delayed or closed due to inclement weather or other circumstances. To get accurate information about school closures and delays, listen to your local radio station or television station. You may also contact the Edmonds School District web site at www.edmondsschools.org.


We want to help your child maximize their learning by having excellence attendance at Brier. We have developed the following attendance policies to minimize disruptions to your child's learning environment. It is important for students to get to school on time (9:20 AM) and stay through to the end of the day. A deviation from this schedule disrupts their educational program and interrupts the learning environment.

To report absences, please call 425-431-7854 before 9:00.

Absence from school: If a student misses the entire day of school, it is recorded as a Full-Day Absence. If a student misses any part of the school day between 9:20 – 9:35, it is recorded as a tardy (three tardies equals one absence). If a student misses any part of the school day between 9:35 - 12:20, it is recorded as a Half-Day Morning Absence. Children who are tardy must report to the office before going to class. If a student misses any part of the school day between 12:20 and 3:50, it is recorded as a Half-Day Afternoon Absence. If it is necessary to take your child out of school during the day, please: notify the teacher two days ahead of time, check in with the office and sign your child out, the student will be summoned and meet you in the office. School personnel will determine if an absence is excused (medical reasons, religious holidays, or death in the family) or unexcused (overslept, missed bus, etc.) in accordance with District policy.

Appointments: We encourage parents to schedule all appointments outside of school hours, during school breaks, or on early release days. If there are frequent medical absences, the school may ask for medical verification from a doctor confirming the appointment.

Vacations:Families are to submit a letter to the principal REQUESTING a prearranged vacation absence. This letter should be sent 10 days prior to vacation absences. The classroom teacher may recommend approval if 1) the student is at grade-level standard, and 2) appropriate arrangements have been made by parents to minimize interruption to learning. Final decisions for applications will be made by the principal (Edmonds S.D. Policy # 8125). If the vacation is not excused, teachers will notify the parents for the reason. Families can then make other arrangements, such as having the student stay with a relative, neighbor, or reschedule the trip during a school vacation.

The Law: The Washington State Compulsory Attendance law requires students to regularly and punctually attend school. It holds parents and schools accountable for students attending school so they continue to learn and grow. The Edmonds School District reports to local courts that a family is not complying with the law. The common name for this law is the “Becca Bill.” (W.A.C. 180-40-010)

Please see the Annual Update for additional information about the Becca Bill.

Discipline Plan

See the Discipline Plan.

Notice: Severe or inappropriate behavior, such as swearing at an adult, hurting someone, an illegal activity or behavior that endangers self or others, will result in the offender going directly to the Principal. Appropriate actions (which may include suspension or expulsion) will be taken. In such cases, parents are notified.

Dress Code

Student's personal dress and grooming are determined by the student and parent provided that the student's dress and grooming are not potentially disruptive to the learning environment. The Brier Dress Code is developed as a guide to parents, students, and staff.

Students are asked to dress appropriately for weather so that they may participate in outdoor activities, including PE and recess. All clothing should fit appropriately minimizing exposure of flesh and underwear (Pants should not sag; shorts and skirts should be appropriate length; and shirts such as halter tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, and cut-off shirts are not appropriate). Hats are not allowed in school buildings, except on the playground.Make-up should not be brought to school, and the wearing of make-up is discouraged. Unnatural hair dyes (red, green, blue, etc.) can be distracting and are strongly discouraged. Clothing should avoid inappropriate advertising or offensive messages (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, profanity, violence, etc).

Exemptions may be made for special school-sponsored days throughout the year.

School staff will use these guidelines to assist in making judgments about appropriate dress. If the student's dress or grooming is objectionable under these provisions, a staff member and/or the principal will ask the student to make appropriate corrections. If the student refuses, the principal will notify the parent and ask that person to make the necessary correction. If the student continues to refuse, the principal will take appropriate corrective action. All students will be accorded due process safeguards before any corrective action may be taken.

Cell Phone/Electronics

Electronics and toys are not to be brought to school. We want our learning environment free from these distractions.

Students who bring cell phones to school must follow these expectations:

  • Cell phones must be turned off when students arrive at school and remain off while on school grounds (this includes lunch, recess, and anywhere on school grounds during the school day).

  • Bus riders are not permitted to use their phones while on the school bus.

  • Phones must be kept in the student's backpack at all times.

If a student is found to have a cell phone on or in use during the school day, the phone will be confiscated. Confiscated phones will be kept in the office until it is picked up by a parent. If and when a phone is confiscated for the second time, the phone will need to be checked in to the office at the beginning of the school day and picked up in the office at the end of the school day. If there is a problem with following these procedures, a meeting between the student/family and the principal will need to take place.

A similar response is followed for all electronics. If electronics are found in use during the school day, the electronics will be confiscated. Confiscated electronics or toys will be kept in the office until it is picked up by a parent.

We know that these are valuable devices and recognize that there is some risk involved. Classrooms are supervised during school hours and are locked when vacant however, the school cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen cell phones. If a phone is used during school hours in an inappropriate manner such as cheating, taking pictures or texting, discipline will be applied.

I also want to be clear that in the event of a disaster or other emergency, we will follow our usual procedures, which is for a staff member to contact the parent or guardian. For safety and security reasons, we will continue to follow this protocol.


Application for Registration: Any student may apply to register at Brier Elementary School. Priority is given to families that live within the school's designated attendance area. To register a child, you will need a birth certificate, immunization records, contact information for two emergency contacts, a recent report card, doctor & dentist contact information, daycare information, and previous school's contact information. Please bring these materials to the school office for registration.

Withdrawal: All students withdrawing from Brier Elementary School should notify the school office as soon as possible so that we may forward legal school records to the next school of attendance.

Recess: Brier has a wonderful playground for student use during the school day. Generally, students will have two recess periods a day. Recess is an opportunity for physical exercise and social skill practice. Recess is supervised by at least two staff members to help students organize games and maximize their enjoyment.

  • Rainy Days: It is our practice to let students go outside for recess if at all possible. Because we have many damp, drizzly days, it is incumbent upon parents to dress their child(ren) appropriately. If it becomes very rainy, we will have indoor recess.

Pictures: Each school year, we take class photographs, as well as individual student photographs. Information about school pictures will come home in the Tuesday packets.

Parties: Classroom parties are held at the discretion of the individual classroom teacher. Since improperly prepared or handled food can be the source of food-born illness, safe food handling practices are important for any occasion or age group. The District supports the following recommendations of the Snohomish Health District; Cakes, breads, cookies, and other non-potentially hazardous baked goods are preferred. Food prepared from a commercial source is more desirable than food made in the home or classroom. Foods containing custard or cream fillings are discouraged, as are pies with fillings made from eggs. Meat dishes, meat filled pies, home canned products, and unpasteurized juice of any kind and potato or macaroni salads are prohibited in the classroom. Fresh fruit can be served if it is cut just before the time it is to be served. All cut melons are considered potentially hazardous and must be kept refrigerated. Please do not bring foods containing peanuts or nuts as we have several students each year in every school in the Edmonds School District who have severe allergies to peanuts or nuts. Store bought items are best.

Animals: State law requires that ALL school grounds are to be free of any and all animals. No animals are allowed on school grounds.

Student Success Plan

Brier Elementary

Student Success Plan For: _____________________ Grade: ______

The Brier Elementary School family will promote experiences which will provide students with a foundation for the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes fundamental to achieving individual satisfaction needed for a happy and fulfilling life. Students will become responsible, contributing citizens in a rapidly changing and increasingly interdependent world.

Student Agreement:

It is important that I work to the best of my ability. I will:

  • Come to school everyday and be on time and ready to learn.

  • Come to school each day with pens, pencils, paper and other necessary tools for learning.

  • Finish and return my homework on time and done well.

  • Follow all school rules. Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe

  • Demonstrate an attitude of respect.

Parent/Guardian Agreement:

I want my child to do well, so I will encourage him/her by doing the following:

  • See that my child comes to school everyday and on time.

  • Support the school’s policies and procedures as it maintains proper discipline and behavior.

  • Make daily time for homework and review my student’s work with him/her.

  • Make a quiet, well-lighted place for study.

  • Support my child’s efforts and be available for questions.

  • Be aware of what my child is learning.

  • Make sure my child has a library card.

  • Read with my child and let my child see me read.

Teacher Agreement:

It is important that students achieve, so I will do the following:

  • Provide meaningful homework assignments for students.

  • Provide needed information to parents so they can help with the classroom assignments.

  • Encourage students and parents by giving them information about student progress.

  • Plan activities that make learning enjoyable.

Principal Agreement:

I support the work and care mentioned above, so I will do the following:

  • Support positive communication between teachers, parents and students.

  • Encourage teachers to provide meaningful homework assignments that strengthen classroom instruction.

  • Support never ending learning throughout our school.

Our students at Brier Elementary are Number One!

Please initial that you have read over and agree with the above information:
Student Initials: _______ Parent Initials: ________

Principal Initials: _______ Teacher Initials: _________

Learning Together and Supporting Each Other!

Community Resources

Below is a list of community organizations that can be valuable resources for families.

Type of Organization

Name of Organization

Phone Number


Clothes for Kids


Counseling Services

Care Crisis Line

Northshore Youth Family Services

Compass Health

Lutheran Community Services





Crisis Intervention Service

Providence Sexual Assault Center

Planned Parenthood

Divorce Lifeline

Child Care Information

Care Crisis Line






Drug & Alcohol Services

Poison Control Center

Alcoholics Anonymous

Al-Anon, Ala-Teen, Ala-Tot





Operation Improvement



Food Bank Information


Legal Services

Colombian Legal Services

Dispute Resolution Center



Medical Care

Poison Control Center

Community Health Center

Snohomish County Health District




Recreational Services

Mountlake Terrace Recreation Dept

Girl Scouts

Boys & Girls Club





Care Crisis Line

Pathways for Women



Special Needs

Department of Developmental Disabilities

Advocates for Rights of Citizens (ARC)



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